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Nokia announced earlier inside month that they are seizing the development aspect of Symbian, which the Symbian Foundation could make the transition to licensing operation. Well, the next stage in the transition was released via their Wiki just lately, and involves shutting down the virtual doors on the many Symbian Foundation’s websites come December 17th.

After recently shutting down Symbian Nokia are more conscious about their Microsoft Phone.Recent past several month Nokia are launching several Microsoft Phone.the remarkable one is Nokia Lumia 1020,This, after two years of the Nokia 808 on Symbian, with the large sensor, oversampling and Xenon flash, was the device many people had been waiting for, the pinnacle of Nokia's camera expertise allied to a much newer OS. The 1020 will carry on getting updates through 2014, of course, with significant improvements to the camera, too. It's a no-brainer pick from me here. A special device and one (like the 808) that I will probably take to my grave.Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Phone is that we’re always discovering fantastic little features we didn’t know about. Like :
Microsoft Phone
Microsoft Phone

  • Help make your tunes sound greater. 
  • Create a Group Live Tile.
  • Modify your text dimension. and the best features is 
  • Hide your caller ID


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