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The latest rumor surrounding Google's set-top TV box is that the device may be called " Google Nexus TV " and arrive in the first half of 2014. This set-top-box will reportedly run Android, stream video from the heavy hitters like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more, and even play Android games.Back in June there seemed to be talk that Yahoo was working on its own Android console. Sources said that Google was keeping a on eye  OUYA, Nvidia's Shield, GameStick and some other Android consoles growing in 2013. This product would presumably deliver other Google providers like Play Audio, Play Movies and third-party services just like Netflix and Hulu.For almost $35, consumers were able to plug the Chromecast in an HDMI port and stream materials like movies off their tablets, computers and even smartphones to the silver screen. With a sense of simplicity, the device could spare a buyer the more expensive cost of say a Roku device or even Apple TV. Consumers could access Netflix off their computer or various other mobile device and hand out just $35 for any wireless stream on their television. It seemed Search engines was more about connecting with all the public over revenue.

Google Nexus TV
Google Nexus TV
After Google confirmation some amazing feature we found in Google Nexus TV like :
  • The television was formerly dubbed Google TV and replaced with Nexus, to formulate a uniformity with its Android mobile devices.
  • The TV will be Android-based, more than likely running on an advanced Jelly Bean or even KitKat operating system.
  • The source reports, consumers will be able to play video games from the television as well.
  • Reports suggest Android mobile devices will be able to handle the remote handling process or a touch screen remote will come inclusive with the purchase.
  • The source was hesitant when it came to confirming if the TV box set would permit Live TV. It seems Google may be aiming to make it an enriched “gaming” box, that would become a stream heavy device.
The investigation team saw some sort of developed and consistent increase in buffering devices, a 7 percent increase in just two years. Leading the way of choice is actually Roku and Apple company company TV. It’s expected eventually, TV manufacturers just like Panasonic, Samsung and more have to consider hybrid televisions to take care of the various use of its sets. Right now in 2014, consumers are going to be handed another decision – a Google Nexus TV branded box set is actually entering the melee and will be bringing some sort of touch remote along with its sale. What ya think about this most current rumor stemming by Google? Announcement around the Google Nexus TV is required to hit the 2014 Consumer electronics Show which happens in January.


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