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Apple company has just presented jailbreak ios 7.0.4 tools pertaining to compatible iPhone, iPad and ipod itouch devices. Apple’s new iOS 7 portable operating system have gone down well until now with users, and after some minor updates amending some early teething issues and security openings, the Cupertino has today delivered yet another update. You can catch the full change log, and also the download details, immediately after the break. As per usual, there’s some sort of dose of pester fixes, performance advancements, and general housekeeping updates.
Thus, if you’ve been recently experiencing any complaints about your device, it’s highly recommended you go ahead and update immediately. Naturally, even if you’ve not necessarily encountered any issues, it’s always better to run the latest version, since even when the aforementioned alterations aren’t exactly frustrating, the most latest release tends typically to be the lowest amount of susceptible to bugs.Generally if you plan to jailbreak or after you do jailbreak you can't install nay new updates until there's an all clear. The iOS 6 jailbreak worked well for iOS 6 as a result of iOS 6. 1. two, but iOS 6. 1. 3 and higher takes a new tool that was in the works right today. Small updates bring the potential for big roadblocks.
Hacker iH8sn0w has confirmed the update is safe and sound for jailbreakers as iOS 7. 0. 4 doesn’t bring just about any security changes.If you notice anything new or improved in iOS 7.0.4, please feel free to let us know by  mod01ur01mind@gmail.com
Established changelog for 7. 0. 4 from Apple claims:
(Build number: 11B554a) with bug fixes as well as other improvements including some sort of fix for FaceTime phone calls.
Apple has also released iOS 6.1.5 for iPod touch 4th-gen with fix for FaceTime issue.

The update can be purchased Over-the-air, and actions 17MB. Launch the actual Settings app, as well as navigate to Basic > Software Replace to download as well as install the bring up to date. OR

iOS 7.0.4 Download Links: [Jailbreak  Apps For iPhone]


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