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Returning on Hallow's eve, Search engines guaranteed that exclusive binaries and manufacturer pictures for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 would appear soon after gadgets obtained their OTA up-dates. Even though some OTAs haven't even combined out yet, as of a few moments ago, all contemporary Nexus gadgets now have Android operating system 4.4 KRT16O manufacturer pictures and motorists available for obtain.
his indicates you can display inventory Android 4.4 KitKat onto any reinforced system, even if an OTA either wasn't available yet or wouldn't perform for some purpose. The accessibility to binaries/drivers, however, is fantastic information for customized ROMs.

Note #1: If your bootloader is closed, your information will be cleaned for protection factors - there's no way around that. You will want to support what you want personally.

Note #2: If your bootloader is already revealed, you have the choice of missing the information clean during the manufacturer picture blinking process. In some circumstances, not cleaning customer information may avoid the product from startup, in which situation you'd probably need to go forward with the clean, but for easy OS improvements from one edition of inventory Android operating system to another one greater, cleaning information should not be necessary.
Factory pictures are  especially beneficial if you bork your system enjoying hax0r — or if you just want an easy way to begin from the begining. In the situation of the Nexus 4 — which has yet to see an over-the air upgrade — it'll allow you to upgrade without patiently waiting — or wiping .

Rooting your Nexus system is very easy. It needs an revealed bootloader and a customized restoration. I suggest using TWRP.
Flash TWRP from here (Reboot into the bootloader as before and then fastboot Download display restoration FILENAME.img).
Reboot into restoration (adb restart recovery).
Flash SuperSU. To do that, obtain the zip, then put the restoration into adb sideload method (in TWRP, it's under Advanced), and then do adb sideload FILENAME.zip.
You should be based.
Reboot, go to the Perform Shop, and upgrade SuperSU.


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