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The modern iPhone 5S is often a solid upgrade from the iPhone 5, but having a few key modifications: the processor is more advanced than ever, the camera has been upgraded and, most significantly, there's a fingerprint sensor.In addition to that there's the added bonus of a faster GPU (to help power dozens of teeny tiny pixels running around and changing color in the display) together with an updater power pack to maintain things moving.
As well as, we expected, the iPhone 5S would be the  powered by iOS 7, with the new display offering the most beneficial look yet with the new flatter, sleeker main system from Apple.

In our plays with your beta version from the OS, some elements ended up noticeably slow or perhaps jumpy (although i thought this was very much since we weren't with final software) but while using the iPhone 5S everything just flows about as smoothly as you can.The design of the iPhone 5S isn't a great leap forwards, with the chassis remaining largely much like the iPhone 5 in line with Apple's tradition of using the core model because the base for this sequel, before delivering a 'true' development next year.

 To find 1st impression of i OS 7 with combine of iPhone 5S Click Bellow to See this Video 

In top to the camera, there's also the alternative function to capture 10 photographs a second or a new slow motion mode, which enables you to shoot 120 fps at 720p HIGH-DEFINITION. You can possibly edit the footage to run faster and slower using just your own finger.
We saw it for action, and it really did actually work pretty effectively.
The last photographic camera element that seems impressive could be the new flash being offered, which is a dual LED alternative. The clever thing isn't only does the adobe flash chuck out both white and amber colors to raise the tone from the flash, but the iphone 5S will calculate your situation and alter this flash accordingly.


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