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iOS 7 introduces modern features like Control Center, AirDrop pertaining to iOS, and cleverer multitasking. It also makes the things you do daily even easier, more quickly, and more pleasurable. And while lots of the apps look different, the way you choose to do things feels perfectly familiar. So by day one, you discover how to use the world’s innovative mobile OS.

iOS 7 RELIEVE DATE to Release 
We're currently around iOS 7 Beta 6, with rumors of any Beta7 due out soon, although which will not happen. We realize that the final version is born for release inside Autumn, but you can now make a fantastic guess as to once we can expect to see the final edition of iOS 7 : 18th September.( Release date )
That's the rumored launch date with the iPhone 5S (unless Apple company springs a surprise on us along with launches the iphone 6 ). Given that Apple company usually releases a fresh version of its main system with new components, iOS 7 really should launch then.
Given that components then takes a couple weeks to come out, iOS 7 will likely be released pertaining to existing phones about that date. As usual it will likely be a free get. It's currently up-in-the-air as to when the iPad version from the operating system will likely be released, and it may be that we ought to wait a couple weeks for the launch from the iPad 5 along with iPad Mini a couple of before we get to see the capsule edition.

Jony Ive was given complete responsibility with the operating system. Responsible for Apple's hardware designs, Ive's now tasked with bringing a solution, more streamlined approach to the software. The effect, from what we've got seen, is a vastly improved plus much more modern operating method.
As widely expected, the OS is flatter and the skeuomorphic design moved. Skeuomorphism is where an app is made to look like its real-world equivalent, including the Notes app using a yellow background along with lines. As a notion, skeuomorphism is progressively outdated, and apps created for digital make much more sense.
Generally speaking, iOS 7 at this point gives more place for apps, having every edge-to-edge. Using all of the screen space really makes a difference. All of the icons are already redesigned, too, giving them a cleaner physical appearance. Finally, the other change for the home screen is that the signal strength bar continues to be replaced by several dots, rather compared to bars.
It's perhaps a shame that less continues to be done to bring more information to the household screen, such just like Android's widgets, but Apple is presenting information in a different way. Here's what you could expect from the fresh OS.

Transferring files in between iOS devices is determined to get less complicated with AirDrop, a fresh method of shifting data using Wi-Fi. Readily available through Control Center  you just tap AirDrop to share with you what you're currently viewing on your phone. A small menu generally seems to show you your own nearby friends, then you just tap a number to share the info.
Apple had a fast dig at Google by saying using this method was easier compared to tapping your devices together, but we might not be entirely amazed if AirDrop may be activated this way if and when NFC support concerns the iPhone along with iPad. AirDrop will work on the iphone 5, fifth-generation ipod itouch, iPad 4 along with iPad Mini.


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