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Apple Newly launch their iPhone 5s/5c,its really amazing phone for smart people.now this time Apple introduce then selves into some unique features ,we discussing major of them in bellow.

Glance-able information is a great feature of Android and Windows Phone. Being able to see information normally within in an app on your home screen generally makes things go faster. Unfortunately this is not one of the many new iOS 7 features presented at the WWDC 2013 keynote. Even adding something as small as a changing weather icon, similar to how the calendar app icon changes to reflect the date, would have been welcome.

Control Center 

Following in the footsteps of rival mobile OS Android, Apple has finally realized that iOS users want a quick and easy way to access key settings too. Control Center will do just that, offering access to Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, screen brightness and music from one handy place. And Apple has even bundled in utilities like Clock, Camera, Calculator and Flashlight. Anything that makes it quicker to access the basics and saves those precious seconds has to be a bonus for workers.

More for business

iOS 7 provides enhanced security, powerful new ways to configure and deploy devices at scale, and features to help businesses purchase, distribute, and manage apps with ease. Features including per app VPN, enterprise single sign on, App Store license management, and new mobile device management (MDM) configuration options are just some of the new capabilities in iOS 7 that provide more for organizations of all sizes.

Quick Reply/Quick Compose
Not to sound like a broken record, but jailbreak app Bite SMS provides a great model for responding to SMS and iMessages. When a new message pops up, an option for replying right there appears even if you're in another app. This functionality was added to notification center in OS X Mavericks (a name we're still getting used to) but for some reason is not an iOS 7 feature.
Per-app VPN

Apple did not make many explicit references to iOS updates aimed at business users, but it did offer a couple of tidbits that have whet our appetite. During the WWDC keynote, the firm made reference to per-app VPN support for enterprise users, which should see iOS 7 supporting a pre-configured and dedicated VPN connection for each app, offering an extra layer of security. Apple also noted that iOS 7 would let firms “more efficiently deploy and manage iPhones and iPads”. We don’t have any more details on this, but we can imagine they’ll be of much interest to IT managers tasked with deploying and supporting Apple mobile devices across the business. As soon as the update is available, we’ll be trying out both these features to see how they work and how valuable they’ll be to firms.

Improved  Mail.

A whole new design and use of new system wide gestures make Mail easier to use than ever. New features like the ability to add and reorganize smart mailboxes in the mailbox list, view PDF annotations, and totally redesigned search make the killer app for business even better. Microsoft Exchange 2010 users can also now sync notes with Outlook on their Mac or PC.


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