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eBay is one of the most precious online market place we all know,people are selling products & buying good from there.Actually eBay is also a place where we can make some extra cash with their affiliation program,step by step guideline are giving bellow,if you follow this tutorial i must you will some extra case every month.But in some people point of view its little bit harder [ Video tutorial will upload soon ]


  • Create an account on eBay.com for eBay affiliate program Resources: Okay what is resources am giving away my research here, If you already banned on eBay and none free proxy,vpn working for you then go to alwaysonpc.com sign up there and make an account they gives you 10min session. use it to create an legit account with new IP address but make sure that the session is limited to 10 minutes and 5 days only. 
  • Verifying your account through phone, Alright that's not Big deal man i've something very interested for you go to sonnet.com and register an account there choose USA as phone number and forward it to your mobile number. Now verify your eBay account through sms and wait for 2-3 days for verification call from eBay.

Now you've a eBay account which is phone verified, what’s next.

Need European PayPal Account
Create an account of PayPal but make sure that you must create an European account, why European account.that's B'Coz many European countries support credit card withdraw and in this method we can't withdraw our money to bank so you must create an European PayPal account, Okay now you've and PayPal account, now just go to entropay.com and signup there.. Upload 10 euro i said euro,euro,euro B'Coz we created European country account and their currency is euro so you should upload your funds in euro not in USD.Okay so now you've a vcc in your hands and a PayPal account which is not verified, so what are you waiting for go use that vcc to verify you PayPal account.

Yola..! Now you've 2 account

A) eBay

B) PayPal

Both are verified, now in order to sell stuff on eBay you must provide them a verified PayPal account you can use your verified PayPal to attach it with your eBay account so it and you've successful created a seller account on eBay.

Now you've everything up and running


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