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Today Mod-uR-minD will show you how to Bengali web site or blog use bidvertiser instead of Google ADSence ,All the best in the world for the Google ADSence.But your web site or blog in Bengali, I can not use Google ADSence. So you can use the web site or blog with Bidvertiser can earn a Bengali. These two people to click on your country other than the one they click on your income will be higher, so that many more people than any other country in the way you write the more people click on AD. Here's to your web site or blog, and people will click on the Ad will be your income. I do not eat more than they ever your money if you withdraw money is a problem, they will help you. If you need help they will help you if you email them. The Khan, a visitor to your web site or blog to take the visitor does not have to do this in two tries.If a visitor to your Web site or blog more, then follow these steps: 

First, go to this link www.bidvertiser.com    
I will give the following Information with the following sign up.
Then click on Add new ad and enter your Web site or blog in the ad.
Forbidden :
Do not log in to your PC from the other account.    From your PC to your own web site or blog, do not click on the Ad.Greed with your friends on your web site or blog, click on the Ad will not kabena. Clear your web site or blog.


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