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Today's computer related information, I got something for you that do not know these people. These data further your knowledge of computer technology enlarge . 

Apple computer hard drive that was used in the Information contained in it was only 5 MB.
It was discovered that the world's first camera to take pictures with the 8 hours have been fixed.
The world's first alarm clock was invented, it was just a day at 4 am alarm.
Father of Java Programming Language James Gosling's coffee consumption during the 'Java' in the name.
YouTube's bandwidth costs 1 million dollars in 1 day.

All domain names have already been registered in the zzz.com aaa.com have.
The amount of bandwidth that YouTube is spending money that is not paid at YouTube's own income.
Now every day, every 10 seconds someone is a victim of Cyber ​​Crime on the Internet.
I do not need that much considering it a professional taipistera mile or mile and a half into 12 miles.
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