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From the University of Bristol’s department of computer science, Professor Sriram Subramanian and Dr. Anne Roudaut led this invention through six prototypes experimenting with various shape changing materials such as electro active polymer or shape memory alloy and latest technology. They introduce us with a new terminology called as “shape resolution”.

Rise of the Morphees as quoted by TOI:-  it is a self –actuated flexible mobile device that can change its form to better fit according to the purpose. This is one of the examples of the out of six prototypes formed.The research team believes that this device will help the users where they can download the apps which says “stress ball app” that bends the device in itself or the “game app” that makes it adopt a console like shape. With these dedicated form factors any form can be adapted according to the provided app. The team is interested not only in flexibility but also in exploring other factors that the prototypes did not explore such as stretch ability and porosity.
Nobody has thought of such an extraordinary device which could possibly lean into your pocket or maybe in your wallet just by folding it into a ball. It makes the device more apt and flexible for usage. Hopefully, we’ll see this kind of product soon generating into more practical design than just a conceptual prototype.
We’ll be waiting to see this product in the market sooner or later.


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