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 There is a four basic points you have to follow for get more comments in your new blog

Leave a question to your readers:
It is the most important point in getting more comments on your blog posts . Whenever you qrite a post on your blog , just leave a question for the reader .So whenever writing a blog post , just leave a question to your readers , so that they could reply back their views through their precious comments .
Write controversial posts:
Controversial posts fetch a lot of comments . They attract a lot of people and keep them engaged . This engagement will result in great number of comments .
Bring something new:
Divert your sometimes from your regular blog posts to some INFOGRAPHICS . This will attract a lot number of people as many people have their taste for the infographics .    
Create giveaways:
Giveaways attract  a lot of people and make them do anything for you . By offering giveaways , you can ask the reader to leave comments in return . And they will surely reply if they want to win to giveaways . The giveaways should be attractive .  


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