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We show you how to write copy that image?

There are a lot of pictures in which there are many important,Much of the time of this writing, and in many cases there is no need to copy the., But this is the normal way we do not have a copy.

 ছবির মধ্যে লেখা কপি করুন অনায়াসে

 But if you do this in writing, you can easily copy.'s Something you do not need. Their only run Microsoft Office OneNote.

Run the Microsoft Office One Note
.Then take the image copy (any format whether jpg, bmp, png etc) and paste it into Microsoft Office OneNote. Remember the "open with" Do not go. Then it will show error.

 ছবির মধ্যে লেখা কপি করুন অনায়াসে

 I'll copy the text to select it, then right-click Copy Text From Picture "clicks, you can easily copy Text & paste into any Word Document.

 ছবির মধ্যে লেখা কপি করুন অনায়াসে 

If you are worried about the formatting of the pasted content in the paste option "Keep Source formatting" Please select.


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