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If you are blogging for earning money or entertain to the online community whatever it is, you must get indexed into search engines. Otherwise, nobody will find your posts through searching by keywords. If you want to express your view or feelings, you need viewers to read your contents fast. The concept of indexing must be familiar to all of you and trust me, if you don’t index correctly into the different search engines especially into Google, Bing, Yahoo; the content you produce might not appear on search engines for over a life! Today I will explain to you with my few strategies which will give you guarantee for your sites to get indexed within a day.

·        Register into Google Webmaster Tools

Have you heard about Google Webmaster Tools? If you haven’t heard of Google Webmaster Tools, please sign up from here. Within Webmaster tools there is an option fetch as Google bot” which will allow you to crawl your website or blog with Google’s own bot. Once you have fetched your page, you will have the opportunity to submit it to Google’s index. Though it is not the easiest method, I recommend submitting single URL’s for faster processing.

·        Add a sitemap for your Blog/Site

A sitemap is an important thing for your site’s indexing into search engines. It enables the search engines to easily crawl your website and all the pages which are associated with it. If you have a sitemap you will get indexed and will be appeared in search engines quickly. The easiest way to build a sitemap is by using Google’s Webmaster tools. Once you set up the sitemap, publish it within Google’s Webmaster Tools and don’t forget Bing Webmaster Toolbox plus Yahoo Site Explorer also.
Tricks: If you are using WordPress, I would recommend you to install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin which automatically generates your sitemap and publishes to the various search engines.

·        Ping your site regularly

Pinging is the method of notifying the search engines when there has been an update to your website. Pinging ensures that search engine spiders has crawled your blog and indexed your content quickly.
When you publish a content via a post or article, this will automatically ping the search engines also. B, I still prefer to ping the search engines through various apps and websites. My most favorite app is BlogPingy and for web-services I always rely on Pingo-Matic. There are another lot of ping sites which you can get through searching from Google, Bing etc.

·        Use Social Networking Sites

Social Media is a great way to obtain quick links by creating social networking profiles which link to your website. The fact is that the crawlers will find a way to get your site via links. So I encourage you to establish a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and Youtube. Sign up are very easy into these sites.
Tricks: I strongly recommend establishing a Facebook account as it is the world’s 1st ranked social network and especially Google+ account as it is of Google’s Authorship which will not only index you faster but also give you preference over bloggers who neglect this feature.

·        Don’t forget “Offline” content

It is important that you obtain more natural links to your site via offline content. By offline content, I am specifically referring to guest posting on quality sites (do follow sites), submitting your content to top article directories.
If you follow strictly above 5 steps, you’ll see gradual traffic from all the search engines. It is also important, each time you post a new article, you should tweet it, post it on Facebook and LinkedIn and definitely update it on Google+.


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