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Here I will explain the process of search engine optimization in brief. But wish to give a good overview of ethical search engine optimization process. The process of search engine optimization includes three steps. They are:

1) Keyword research

2) Competitor site analysis

3) Implementation of results of step-2

Step 1: keyword analysis

First of all determine about the theme of your site. Suppose you are gonna build a site on “How to make money online?” The theme consists one important part “Money”. Then our primary keyword is ‘Money”.
Now you need a tool to know the search volume of your keyword because we do search engine optimization for search engines. I prefer Google keyword external tool and Wordtraker.
Go to Google keyword tool and try with your primary keyword “Money”. It will show a lot of result. Now chose 8 keywords from that result having medium traffic. Don’t use the top keywords because your gonna start a new one when they already have.

Step 2: Competitor site analysis

From step-1 you have got your keywords. Now do Google search for every keywords and copy the addresses that remains top of every search result. Now you know who your competitors are. We will find out their faults and avoiding that faults we will try to defeat them. In our analysis we will try to find out the answer of following questions:
1) Is it their home page or sub page?
2) Does their title contain their keywords?
3) Does their description contain the keywords?
4) What is their page rank?
5) What is their keyword density?
6) Do they maintain tag hierarchy?
7) Do they use anchor text?
8 ) Does their footer contain their keywords?
9) How much back links they have?
10) Does they use image search tags?
Find out these answers and make a data sheet for every site. It is the manual procedure. There are several tools to do it automatically I like SEO ELITE to do this.

Step 3: Implementation of result of Step-2

Now from, step-2 we know why these sites rank high in search engine and which defects can benefit us to defeat them.
It is the final step of on page optimization; follow the steps below to make it done:
1) Do all your optimization in your Homepage.
2) Use your keywords properly in your title.
3) Use your keywords properly in your description.
4) Maintain tag hierarchy.
5) Try to maintain your keyword density 5%-10%. Don’t use irrelevantly. It will help you to consider as a Spammer by Search Engine Bots.
6) Use anchor text.
7) Use your keywords properly in your footer.
8 ) Don’t make any page deeper than two level from homepage.
9) Use your keywords in page slug.
10) Don’t hide your links between scripts.
11) Always use image search tags for images.


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