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A number of pictures and details about MSI's latest graphics card have surfaced. We first saw the product teased at CeBIT.
The information that we have learned is that the GTX 650 Ti Boost is basically a GTX 650 Ti with a boost clock (which the GTX 650 Ti doesn't feature), along with a faster memory interface and better components. The purpose of the new GTX 650 Ti Boost is to compete with AMD's 7790 that has just launched.For starters, MSI's GTX 650 Ti Boost is a factory overclocked card that features a core speed of 1,033 MHz. We know that it will have a boost clock, but we do not know how high it will be. Usually,we see boost clocks that are around 50 MHz or just shy of 100 MHz above the core speed, although this is not always the case.Zoom
The GTX 650 Ti Boost from MSI also has a memory speed of 6 GHz, which runs on a 192-bit memory interface, in contrast to the 128-bit memory interface that the standard GTX 650 Ti runs on.
MSI's version will have a TwinFrozrIII cooler along with a more potent PCB and power delivery design.
Expect the card to be priced under $200. The launch is still scheduled for this month.


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