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 Hacking tip is for learning.

Now, I will show you how to hack a wimax 4G connection in Bangladesh. All you have to need a connected but totally unused 4G wimax modem, be it Qubee or Banglalion. By hacking, you will get the full access of browsing internet and downloading as many as you want with unlimited speed for 100% free cost. Just download these three software's given below.

                           Download TMAC

                           Download OPEN VPN GUI

Now follow me.

1. Run TMAC as administrator.
2. Change your original MAC address randomly.
3. Unzip TAP DRIVER and install it as administrator.
4. Connect your 4G modem with your own user id and password.
5. Run OPEN VPN GUI as administrator and connect it.
6. Wait for some times. Hope modem will be connected.


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