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Have you ever heard that getting approval from Google Adsense is very tough? But, I heard that. That is why, today I will share you an important checklist which may be followed before applying Google Adsense Program. It is very important to all bloggers. Let us see the check list which is given below.

  • You are using top level domain like .com, .co, .net, .org etc. because Google Adsense does not accept free domain or sub-domain now-a-days
  • You are not using free hosting server but paid hosting server for your blog
  • Age of your domain is more than six months because GoogleAdsense does not want to approve any site of below 6 months in Asia now
  • Your age is above 18 and you have age proven information in your blog since Adsense does not approve any blogger whose age is below 18

  • You must have an About page in your blog to describe about what is the purpose of your blogging in that blog
  • You must have Contact Page in your blog so that readers or visitors can contact with the blogger regarding their opinion about any post of that blog
  • You must have a Search Window or Search bar in your blog
  • You must have submitted Sitemap of your blog into Google and you should have a Sitemap page in your blog also
  •  You should have at least 30-40 unique contents (posts) and each content must be above 300 words
  • 10. Contents must be free from Pornographic & Illegal Items, Drug or Others like that, Non-English Blog, Posts Shorter than 300 words in length
  • 11. Design of the blog should be very beautiful to prove your professionalism on blogging
  • 12. You blog should not have any ad of Chitika, Bidvertiser, Adbrite etc ad publishing company and clicksor is strictly prohibited in your blog for Google Adsense approval. Remove all ads before applying.
  • 13. You should have a page on Privacy Policy of your blog
  • 14. You must show/prove to Google that you are doing blogging not for making money but for the help of the online community
  • 15. You do not use Paid Traffic site to get traffic for your site.
  • 16. Your blog’s loading time is not high. Try to reduce loading time of your blog if it happening.
  • 17. Daily page view of your blog should be more than 200 per day. A 1000 page view is strong to get Google Adsense approval.


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