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What is the Bravia Engine?
An application of technologies that made Sony TV’s in their products and now come in a handheld device Sony Ericsson Xperia series. With this technology users could feel the sensation will display a very clear and sharp. And what if this technology can we put on the "Android Phone, instead of Sony Ericsson?"
Follow the steps below:
A. Just in case it is better first backup important data with Titanium Backup.
2. Make sure you are in a state HH rooted, as it requires root access to the system
3. Has a root explorer (file manager who has access to the root system cnth: Root explorer; ES File Xplorer; etc.)

4. Download Bravia Engine the file here
5. Extract the file Bravia Engine.zip, then copy and be_movie be_photo file to / system / etc
6. Set permissions to rw-r--r-- (press and hold the file then search options Permission Set), do this in both files (be_photo and be_movie)
7. Find files that are in the folder build.prop / system
8. Select and hold the file, then select Open in Text Editor
9.Gulir to the bottom line and add the following command.
                           # BRAVIA_HACK
                           ro.service.swiqi.supported = true
                           persist.service.swiqi.enable = 1
10. Press the Option key and select Save & Exit


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