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The first word that comes to mind just by the glimpse of a smartphone is Android, such is the impact it has created worldwide. It’s really bizarre as to how an Operating System, which at its launch got a very mild reception, has broken all the shatters and is sitting at the top gleefully. Existence in the 21st century is getting tougher by the day, every step ahead takes the last ounce of your energy, and in such a situation we have Android smartphones to make life easy. They are just like saviors  getting you out of your problems. For example- You’re running short of time and there is this very important meeting waiting for you, from somewhere you get to know that there is heavy traffic out there. The first thing you will do is open the Google Maps application in your smartphone and find another shorter route to your destination leaving the traffic behind. A good job done isn’t it? Don’t forget to give the credit to your Android smartphone.
The usage of a smartphone in one’s everyday life has no limits practically, from voice calls to video calls, to surfing the net to sending text messages and much more. It really helps you pass your day in a smooth and nice manner. Life without a smartphone seems too miserable to be dreamt of, it’s just like living without electricity, and nothing seems to be going in the right direction without the basic amenities.
Let’s have a look at the top 10 reasons to buy an Android Phone and why it is better than other Os’s like iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry 10 and others.
 10) That extra room:
extra space Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
For all those who are never satisfied with whatever they get in terms of storage, buying an Android phone is a wise step ahead. With all the expandable storage and flash memory cards, you will never run out of space.

9) Enlarged Viewing Experience:
various screen size 300x137 Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
On many of the Android smartphones, one thing you get is a larger display, which indeed is of great use and pleasure. It makes the viewing experience a better one, it also useful when it comes to reading mails, playing games and watching movies. Another thing to be noticed is that, the quality of the display hasn’t been compromised for the sake of increasing the screen size.
8) Interactive Operating System:
interactive operating system 300x176 Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
Unlike iOS, Android is an operating system which is open to all, particularly developers. It offers them a better opportunity to develop applications and help their cause too. Whereas in iOS, Apple takes complete charge of whatever happens with it. Google’s Android also allows you to download applications and games from other sources too. This has helped many a developers in making the experience of using applications and other stuff a memorable one.
7) Diversified Typing Options: 
various keyboards Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
Typing accounts for a major part of the usage of any smartphone, so having many options in the category of keyboards makes it easy for users to type quickly and efficiently. This is particularly helpful to those who don’t adore the stock Android keyboard and wish to switch to one’s of their choice. You really don’t get this choice in iPhone, and if you still wish to use other keyboards, then there is a way out, root your iPhone, well this is something which isn’t going to please Apple at all and you might just put your iPhone’s warranty at stake.
6) Bigger Is Better:
hdmi connectivity Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
Considering all those who aren’t satisfied with the screen size of your smartphone, there are other ways to improve your viewing experience. Android gives you the facility to connect your smartphone to one of your High Definition Television via a High Definition Multimedia Interface cable, sounds good right? Yes it does, now you can enjoy all your favourite movies on your television.  Apple is yet to give this option to its users, who too wish to connect their iPhone to their respective televisions and have a great time.
5) Stability:
stability Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
Stability is important in every aspect of life, so why not in your smartphone! With every Android smartphones comes stability, statistics say that Android is more stable when compared with iOS, it’s a big plus point for all of those who love their smartphone with zero crash rate. Feel free and buy an android smartphone without hesitating.
4) Customization:
customization Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
If you have this no way or my way attitude, then you better don’t end up buying an iPhone, Android is a treat for those who like to customize their smartphones just according to their way and want everything which is gives a soothing feel to their eyes. You get those widgets which can be tuned according to your will and display want you want to see. This allows easy and quick access.
3) Vast hardware options:
hardware 300x274 Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
From those low performers to the high end quad core processors, you really have a wide range of choices to opt from. It’s like Android was built keeping in mind all types of users, from music lovers to high end gamers to movie addicted users. This diversity gives everyone a chance to make the right choice without any sort of compromise. Choose wisely and pick the right smartphone and have a wonderful time with it.
2) Let your words do the job:
voice control Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
All you lazy people out there, take a breath of relief and no need to worry, thanks to the voice command application of Android, you don’t really need to use your hands that much. Let your words handle everything. The Voice Control application of Android is the best out there, understands you completely and is very accurate at accepting your commands. Whether you ask it to type a message for you, or even to call any of your friends. It will always get you right.
1) Pricing: 
pricing 300x246 Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone
There was a reason behind keeping pricing at the top position, getting everything at a very little cost is one thing which all aspire for. A smartphone with all the high end specifications and at a reasonable cost is a sure shot success in the mobile world. There are certain Android smartphones which have many of the high end specifications and are for sale at decent amount. Also there is a smartphone for every user out there, from spending a minimal amount to making you broke, all sorts of smartphones are available. So this gives the users a better chance to compare and decide the right smartphone and make them feel that their investment was worthwhile.


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