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The Viewsonic VSD220 is quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. Its Smart Display moniker implies it’s a simple monitor, the VSD220’s home hub defines itself as a tablet, but it’s actually a 22in all-in-one PC that’s powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, its size alone means we can’t really group it together with Apple’s iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but we’d be hard pushed to say this monitor-PC hybrid felt like anything else.

If you’re familiar with Android tablets and smartphones you’ll have no trouble at all with the VSD220. When you first start it up, it’ll take you through signing into your Gmail and Google Play accounts (all on its giant, onscreen keyboard) before depositing you into its five-panel home hub where you’ll keep all your apps and widgets. These are completely customisable, and some of the widgets on offer include Google+ posts, YouTube, Google Search, TuneIn, your bookmarks, and the Google Play Store. Its 1,920x1,080 resolution makes everything razor sharp as well, and its two-point touchscreen is both accurate and responsive.  
Unfortunately, the VSD220’s underlying processing power isn’t half so snappy. It’s powered by a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4430 processor running at 1GHz, and its measly 1GB of RAM makes it noticeably slower than both budget PCs and top-of-the-range smartphones. Its sluggishness was confirmed when the SunSpider Javascript benchmark returned a result of 2,429 ms, which, when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3’s score of 1,771 ms, leaves it even slower than a high-end smartphone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible with Quadrant, but it managed a pitiful 5.4fps in our GLBench Egypt HD benchmark test, making it equally ill-suited to the playing of 3D games.
Incompatibility is a big problem elsewhere in the Google Play Store, too. Apps like TuneIn, Dropbox, BBC Media Player, Firefox, and Evernote all worked fine, but more popular apps such as Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Instagram, Mighty Text and Shazam are all incompatible. Even at this price, we expected more from the VSD220 and it severely limits its potential as a useful all-in-one PC, especially as it only comes with 8GB of storage


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