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5. File Manager

Yeah! believe us there is no File Manager in Windows Phone 8. It becomes really hard when you are trying to save a particular kind of file which isnt supported by Windows Phone because you would just not be able to access it. No File manager also makes it very difficult to utilize your phone’s memory in the best way. File Manager is a must whenever the next update to Windows Phone Os is released by Microsoft.

4. Price/Variety of Mobile Phones

Windows Phone has finally started to give you a lot more options and varieties in terms of Phone’s pricing (Thanks to Nokia). But it is still far behind (unmatchable) with Android, Android is backed by closer to hundred of manufacturers in the World which develops phones ranging from $60 to $1000. The phones cater to all markets from people requiring a low budget end phones to people requiring a very high end mobile Phone. These phones have different specifications and can cater to a particular niche. Whereas Windows Phone is backed by a lot less manufacturers (mainly Nokia, HTC, Huawei and others) so it gives less options for customers to choose from in terms of hardware specifications. Also less options means less competition which eventually means more price that the customer is required to pay for the phone whereas he can get similar specs on Android on a lot less price.
BTW: Nokia is bringing in some awesome hardware/phones for Windows Phones.

3. Ability to Customize

One thing that I absolutely love about the Android is it’s ability to be customized. Mobile Phone manufacturers are able to customize features in an Android Phone according to it’s price and hardware specs and over it they can also put up their custom interface and elements to please the customers they target. Whereas in Windows Phone Os, the customization are negligible. The OS can hardly be modified by Mobile Phone manufacturers and hence the user gets exactly same OS interface whether he buys a flagship phone or a base  windows 8 mobile.

2. No Virtual Assistant

Siri is one feature that single handedly contributed to huge success of Apple iPhone 4S similarly Google Now and Samsung S Voice have been immensely used and liked by users. But Windows Phone also misses out on this important/essential feature. Ok, there are a lot of knock offs in the Windows Marketplace but none of them can match the reliability of Google Now or Siri.

1. Apps/Games

Windows Phone apps have reached 150,000 apps but that is still significantly smaller than the total Google Play store apps which are 750,000. A lot of people would say that all the important apps are already on Windows Phone but in reality there are a lot of very important apps that Windows Phone OS still misses out on. Some such important apps are Temple Run, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Opera, Subway Surfers, Instagram, Google Chrome, Firefox, Yahoo Mail, Nimbuzz and a lot of awesome games.


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