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It is most important that you concentrate on your post as well as blog design. Here are few Tips That can Make your Blog/Site More Popular than before. " Download Now "
Post frequently: Make a proper schedule to post in your site. Post your article on regular interval so that your audience is engage in your site. Post at-least 10-15 article in a month.  If you are a new blogger then you should not post to much that you blog quality decrease. Better To post on regular interval. 
Use social networks: Promote your site on social media network Don’t hesitate to promote your blog. You can promote your blog on facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon etc. If you don't promote your blog you will not get traffic try to  get  attention of your reader. If you  publish and sit, without promoting who will see your blog??  Answer this question through comment!!
Guest posting: The way to increase/improve traffic is to allow guest post in your site . Guest posting now days is very popular for the site. There are many writer who write for other blog. Guest posting is beneficial for both. As you got a unique article and they got a link from your site. Guest author always ask for link from there article.  Make a guest posting page in your site. If any want to do guest post they can do easily. If you want to do guest post in my site then contact me through Contact Form.

Make Your Blog Popular

Don’t blog for money: Today every blogger is thinking  about money. How to earn money from blog? Are you thinking that ?? I know every one’s goal is to make money from their blogs, But my advise is not to think for money. When i started blogger i also think to make money i fail to make. Then i thought not to run behind the money. and then i have made this blog not to earn but to provide service.
If you want to earn money you have to provide good quality of article in your blog, and be patient when you are blogging. Many leave blogging because they fail to earn money. 
**If you have any advice for your site. And if you have any more point related to this topic. Tell us through comment..


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