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keyboard problem laptop

Clean Laptop Carefully: This is the problem regarding your Laptop Computer on which we all are suffering. The keyboards of Laptop are very sensitive. Be cautious about the tips I will give you today. Because I know, the time of doing something will be badly over if the keyboard problem laptop just been happened shortly before.
So what should we do in this issue? Yes! We have a lot of things to know about the keyboard problem laptop so that it can be easily fixed if the keyboard problem happens anyway. As the keyboard is attached with the laptop so we should be more cautious on it.
Let us continuously overlook on what type of problems we are to face and the solutions gradually.

1. Keyboard Feels Uneasy & Stiff To Typing: This kind of problem happens when it’s high time you are not cleaning your keyboard surface and thus some keys of your laptop are covered by dusts. Dusts and dirt not only remains stored on your laptop’s keyboard surface but also it penetrates into your keyboard by the gaps around a key and the dusts create layers on there. So the keyboard becomes stiff than before as the loop between key and rubber filled up by dirt and dusts that would gives your keyboard the flexibility of typing.
To solve this keyboard problem laptop you have to be careful on it and you should regularly wipe out the dusts are stuck on the keyboard surface ever after finishing the daily work. If you do it daily you won’t have to face the ultimate huge problem. If the keys feel so much stiff than pull out all of the keys individually and clean it by the cleaning chemicals. Fix it again and never fix it until the keys are completely dried out.
2. Some Keys Are Not Working: “Some keys are not working” is the most common problem that almost all of the laptop computer users are facing. This is a great keyboard problem.
To fix this issue there is only one option is for you. Just pull up the keys that are not working. Clean the individual key and the place where the key were set. Flow air on it to remove the unfixed dust and fix the rubber (thing that holds the key) carefully. Sometimes it happens because of deflecting the rubber from the exact circuit point.Even then if you are not able to fix it yet just forget it about. Because there is no option for you but using “On- Screen Keyboard”. The On-screen keyboard will be found from your windows start menu > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > On-Screen Keyboard. Use this keyboard to solve this keyboard problem laptop when the definite keys are not working.
3. Keyboard Num-Lock Is Not Working: This type of keyboard problem laptop is occurred to the peoples who are a newbie on computer operating. It is basically not a keyboard problem; it’s the problem of not having enough knowledge of computer. It happened when I was a kid and just started to type something on PC.


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