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Vpn(Virtual private network) software
 VPN software - this decision for users whom want to have complete safety and anonymity
when they work in Internet. VPN is the protected (coded) tunnel in a usual network.
  When you send information through the public networks the package of data is coded, and when somebody receives this information package of date will be decoded. Besides, when you send or receive information VPN software also ciphers addresses of senders and addresses of recipients.  And so, you can receive the protected connection.
 After an exhaustive research checking out different options to hide ip using VPN service, i can confidently recommend to this service Hide My Ass. HMA pro vpn one of the best,if not the best VPN service on the market.Excellent service and software.My favorite VPN software.HMA! is an affordable, easy to use VPN that effectively keeps you anonymous on the internet. The impact on speed is minimal too, which is great.

Key Benefits & Features:
1- Increase you online security2 - Anonymous Internet identity3 - Government level security4 - Bypass censorship5 - Works with all applications6 - Virtually reside in another country7 - Easy to use Download VPN software HideMyAss.


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