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Each and every platform technology works by using different terminology to spell out its application components. The three most crucial classes on your Android platform are Context, Activity and Intent. While you will discover other, more state-of-the-art, components developers can easily implement, these three components form the inspiration for each and every Android application. In this article, we focus on focusing on how Android applications are put together. We also examine some handy utility classes that can help developers debug apps. An Android application is an accumulation of tasks, each of which is called an activity. Each activity within the application has an exclusive purpose and graphical user interface. To understand this more fully, envision a theoretical video game application called Chippy's Payback.

Designing application characteristics:

The design with the Chippy's Revenge game is easy. It has 5 screens:
Splash - This screen acts as being a startup screen, with the game logo and version. It could also play some songs.
Menu - For this screen, a user can decide on among several possibilities, including playing the action, viewing the standing, and reading your help text.
Play - This screen is where action actually takes area.
Scores - This screen displays the very best scores for the action (including high standing from other players), providing players that has a challenge to accomplish better.
Help - This screen displays instructions for how you can play the video game, including controls, objectives, scoring methods, points, and tricks.


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