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While using the mobile phone industry currently booming and all the companies trying one up each
other with some good upgrades and functions, BlackBerry Phone Ltd, earlier known as Research in Motion
are doing their utmost to not get forgotten. While many believe this might function as last chance for BlackBerry to obtain a footing in your smartphone market, let’s check out the five distinct features which are being marketed by BlackBerry for getting their device recognized within the mobile phone industry.
1. BlackBerry Messenger Movie: For many many years, BBM has recently been the backbone connected with everything about Blackberry mobile phones. Professionals have been using it as a fast messaging service to help send across instant messages and have absolutely short and fast conversations while they’re busy and can’t discuss. Teenagers and teenagers have been using it exhaustively during the last few years to help send and get messages, photographs and videos together with staying in touch using their friends from over the world. In addition to help secure chat, video has become added into BBM, making it possible for you to include video calls upon WiFi networks with all your friends on BBM.

2. BlackBerry Keyboard: While earlier variants of all BlackBerry phones have had a QWERTY keypad which was one of the reasons it was doing so well, BlackBerry has decided to do away with the physical keyboard and expects users to migrate to a full touch keyboard. In their defense however, the touch keyboard experience has been said to be very good. 

3. BlackBerry Hub: With a notification bar under the clock on your previous phone that had notifications from Whats App, Facebook, Twitter and BBM on it, the new BBHub lets you go through all your notifications from various social networking websites and applications in one single window and scroll pane.
4. BlackBerry Flow: The old way of displaying applications is gone, BlackBerry has adopted the Apple and Android styled menu that lets you fetch information from particular applications. If you’re currently looking at buying a smartphone, so far this doesn't seem to be doing that bad at all and could be a valid choice.
5. Time Shift: While photographs and imaging has never been something that BlackBerry has actively concerned themselves with, the new Time Shift feature in the BlackBerry camera lets you click multiple frames while clicking a photograph and then allows you to pick one by scrolling through them, therefore giving you the option of picking the best picture out of the lot.Those are the five major points that BlackBerry is currently pushing at getting their phone noticed on the smartphone radar, taking a look at those five points, how convinced are you that the next time you’re thinking about buying a new phone you’ll actually give the BlackBerry some thought?


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