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A trip where you must go in some form of vehicle is going to allow you to take a tablet. Unless you are driving the vehicle, you are going to have the time to use your tablet. If you are on a train then you can whip it out if you find a seat. If you are on a plane then you can use your tablet without the fear of it being stolen, and if you are in a car then you can use it to your heart’s content in a warm and safe place.

1 - Panasonic ToughPad
Let’s start with something that is going to withstand the hurly burly of traveling, and the rough and tumble of being left in the luggage for days. At the moment it costs over a thousand dollars, but is said to be the toughest and most hard wearing tablet that Panasonic have ever created. They are advertising it as the tablet you can throw under the bed when you are done with it.It is even water resistant and dirt resistant, so you can take it to the beach or get caught in a rainstorm and it will not harm your tablet. It can also withstand up to 122 degrees of heat, so even if you leave it in the baking sun on the beach, it is unlikely to be harmed. The marketing agents have disseminated adverts with this tablet getting the snot kicked out of it by machines and still working afterwards.

2 - Amrel Rocky
Second place would have to go to the Anrel Rocky. This is currently believed to be the toughest tablet device that is available to the public to date. Its design is actually copied from the one that is used by the military, and can even be used by robots in the battlefield. It may not withstand a bomb blast, but neither does the robot, so nobody complains.It does not take the top spot because its hardware is almost childlike compared to things such as the iPad or other more advanced Android Apk and windows tablets. This has an Atom Processor with 2GB of ram and 320GB of hard drive. It is a Windows tablet and current versions have Windows 7 installed. This is a tablet that you can take anywhere, from rock climbing and bike riding, to trips on the subway.

3 - XPlore iX104C5
This is another Windows tablet that is good because it has a few sub products that you can use with it (headphones, speakers, etc). Its build is very good and it can also withstand a fall of seven feet. This means that if you drop your tablet whilst you are having a good time on holiday, it will not be broken or damaged. The tablet is also good because it is waterproof. It is waterproof to the point where you can submerge it under water and it will still work.This means that even if you drop your tablet in the pool, it is still going to work for you. Again, this is a Windows tablet and the build is not a patch on more popular models, but it is so scratch resistant that it has to take position number 3. Many people do not even carry it in a case; they just throw it in their bags. It has 4GB or RAM, and uses the Intel Core i7 processor. There are a few slightly different models in the XPlore range, but all of them can withstand heat up to 140 degrees (which is pretty impressive).

4 - Getac Z710 Android
The iPad or Samsung Galaxy may be good tablets to use at home, but if you are traveling by foot, car, train or on a bike, then you need something like the Getac Z710. It uses the Android operating system, which is a plus, but only had a 1 GHz TI OMAP processor and just GB of RAM. It uses the Android Custom OS.It takes the number 4 spot because it is very portable with its 7-inch screen, and the gorilla glass makes it very hard to scratch or damage. The display is actually very good, and it can be dropped from a height of six feet without any real damage. It comes with a stylus pen that is handy when you are traveling, and they offer a three-year warranty on it, so you can have three years of traveling without having to worry.

5 - Itronix Duo-Touch II
It is not a bad tablet device, but it takes spot number 5 on the list. It is not wildly touch compared to the other tablets on this list, but it beats the more popular models into the ground when it comes to toughness.Even with its 8.4-inch screen, it can still take some punishment and withstand rough usage.One of the special things about this tablet is that it can take a lot of pressure. Many people forget that when their tablet is in their luggage, that it doesn't just have to withstand the pressure of your luggage, but all the luggage-on top of it. This may not be a big deal if you are traveling in a car, but if you are going on a plane then your tablet could have thirty other peoples’ luggage on top of it. They also offer a three-year warranty.


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