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Here are five HTML5 editors for use when developing a website. Even though web design and
web development are two different things, it is often good to have plenty of web design tools
at your disposal when you are developing a website. If anything it will allow you to have full
control over what you are doing. Sometimes, editing a website is a little like pulling cards from
a house of cards; an editor can help you to keep things stable.
Why do people use HTML editors?
HTML code on its own gives very little indication as to what the final product may look like. An
editor can set out chunks of text so that they look similar in the code as to how they will look
on the HTML page, but other than that, there is little you can do or add to make it look more
like the finished object. An editor will allow people to preview a HTML page, and may even be
structured so that they end result looks a little bit like the image created by the HTML editors
There is also the fact that writing HTML code can be repetitive, and an editor allows a user to
add and remove code in a more modular manner--allowing the editor to clean up the pieces of
code that may normally be left hanging.
1 - Aloha Editor - a HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor
This is a very good editor that allows for a unique user experience. It makes editing a little
faster by reducing certain steps down so that repetitive tasks can be done more easily. It is
powered by HTML5 and so does not need iFrames--which means it does not need to load
as often. It allows you to edit your web content in a live situation, cutting down the need to
preview your changes.
2 - Rendera - Online HTML 5 Editor
This is a HTML5 Editors that will let you see a preview of your work in real time. The users can
use CSS3 or HTML5 to build websites. It supports SASS and HAML, and it is built with Sinatara
and CoffeeScript. You can experiment with JQuery plugins and tools, JQuery UI and JavaScript
codes. It is probably one of the more flexible HTML editors available today, and the real time
preview function makes life a lot easier.
3 - Mayetta - The Open Source Project & HTML5 Editor
This allows for visual authoring a HTML5 interface for mobile or desktop use. It has WYSIWYG
visual authoring. The tool runs on a browser and does not need any sort of plugin or download
in order to operate. It works on a lot of browsers and currently has a high amount of features.
This open source project is ideal for anyone who wants a lot of tools at their disposal, so long as
you do not mind wading through them to get to the one you want.
4 - Blue Griffon - The Next Generation HTML5 WebEditor
This is a WYSIWYG content editor that uses the FireFox 4 rendering engine. You can download
it for free and create HTML5 pages and documents that are ready for upload. The intuitive and
simple design allows people to build web pages and modify their online data. It supports CSS3
and nine languages. Its ease of use is probably its biggest selling point, although it may be a bit
too oversimplified for some more advanced users.
5 - Mercury HTML5 Powered WYSIWYG Editor
This is an editor that has the same features as the CKEditor and TinyMCE editors but has a few
extra features that increase its usability. The tools use HTML5 instead of iFrames. It uses a block
system and has a toolbar for every region on your page. If you have a modern browser then you
will be able to use this tool, including Firefox4+, Chrom10+ and Safari5+. The preview function
on this tool is very good.


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