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Most of the times, after OS setup, you may face Bengali font size problem in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Personally I faced this kind of problem many times and that’s the main reason I am writing this post. You may see all the English fonts okay but you will see Bengali fonts on FireFox so small that you won’t be able to read it comfortably. The solution is easy but if you don’t know how to solve it, it will be very disturbing.
For Mozilla Firefox:
  • Click on “Tools”
  • Select “Options”
  • Then select “Content”
  • In “Font and Color” section, click on “Advanced”
  • In ‘Fonts for’ section, select “Bengali”
  • In ‘Proportional’ section, select “Serif”
  • In Serif, Sans-Serif, and Monospace section, select “Siyam Rupali”
Font size is an option, if you are not sure leave it as it was. Here is a screenshot of how it should be done. I hope it will make you work easier.

font size problem in mozilla firefox

font size problem in mozilla firefox
If you have done everything right, you will see clear fonts.

For Google Chrome:
  • Click on “Settings” icon
  • Select “Options”
  • Select “Under the hood”
  • In “Web content” [under Privacy] select “Customize Fons”
  • In “Serif font” and “Sans-serif font” section once again select “Siyam Rupali”
Leave all the other options unchanged
Here’s another screenshot.

font size problem in google chrome

font size problem in google chrome
If you do not have Siyam Rupali font in your PC, no problem, download it from here.
Download Siyam Rupali font.

I hope this post will be helpful for you.


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